Welcome to the about page! Unlike my “Blog” where i post stuff i like, the “About” page is probably the best way for you, the reader to know more about me in a more personal sense. Hah! I hope you like memes and shitposts cause that’s probably what your gonna see.

So let’s get started with who i am. well, i guess to start, I’m Canadian and i’m hispanic. I started making and producing music not to long ago. it’s probably been about a year and a few months since i started doing this kind of stuff (at the time of writing this). I didn’t grow up making music or stuff like that. You probably here that example from other artist but i’m not like that. I didn’t pick up a guitar when i was 5 and became a music kid for pretty much the rest of my life ’til now. No, I was surrounded around music (and i have a bunch of musical, rhythmic family members that have been in my life) but i wasn’t very musical at first. It was until I grew up and realized my love of music that I really felt like I needed to make music.

hopefully this is a good stand in “About” column. i’ll work on this later in the near future.

Hit ya’ll later! 😀